Many on Social Security Disability can but don’t want to work

Fellowship of the Minds

Why are we demonized for speaking the truth?

truthH/t FOTM’s Trail Dust

More than a year ago, in May 2012, Lance Roberts wrotethat Without government largesse many individuals would literally be living on the street.” As much as 1/5 or 22.5% of the average American’s income is dependent on “government transfers.” 

One of those “government transfers” are Social Security Disability benefits.

There are two types of Social Security Disability benefits:

  1. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): Earned disabilitybenefits for those who have held jobs for significant periods of time and paid at least partially into Social Security before becoming disabled.
  2. Social Security Disability (SSI): Unearned disabilitybenefits for individuals who have petitioned to be classified as disabled, although many of them have never worked and have never paid into Social Security.

Under Obama, the number of Americans claiming disability has surged to the highest levels on record…

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